Chocolate Tourism in Mexico


La Cocina de Oaxaca

Type of experience: Culinary trip
Details: Week long tour introducing the traditional cuisine of Oaxaca, including several hands-on workshops and demonstrations. Chocolate themed events include a visit to a chocolate molino, and a chocolate making demonstration on a metate.

Oaxaca Chocolate Tours

Location: Oaxaca City and other locations
Type of experience: Organised chocolate tours
Details: By prior arrangement, tours can be organised taking in chocolate factories, chocolate houses and markets in Oaxaca City, together with a visit to an organic cacao plantation.


Hacienda Cacaotera Jesus Maria

Location: Tabasco
Type of experience: Chocolate factory tour, accommodation
Details: Visitors can tour the Hacienda house and cacao plantations, and visit the chocolate factory. Group party tours can be organised, with traditional music and fireworks. Accommodation packages are also available.