Chocolate Tourism in Italy


Etruscan Chocohotel Hotel Perugia

Type of experience: chocolate-themed hotel
Details: Hotel with milk chocolate, gianduia chocolate and bitter chocolate-themed floors. The restaurant offers a "Choco Menu", in which chocolate is used in some way in every course. Non-chocolate dishes are also available. The hotel store sells chocolates, and chocolate themed gifts, as well as chocolate beauty products.
External reviews: Trip Advisor | Chocablog

La Casa del Cioccolato Perugina

Type of experience: chocolate museum and factory tour
Details: The "House of Chocolate" includes a chance to see the Perugina chocolate factory in operation, as well as a visit to the Museo Storico (Historic Museum). The museum explains the process of converting cocoa into chocolate, and introduces the history of the Perugina chocolate company. Period advertising and marketing materials are also on display.
Note: The website is only available in Italian
External reviews: EuroBimbo | Slow Travel Italy



Type of experience: chocolate tourist pass
Details: Special 3-day pass for tourists, giving access to over 20 chocolate tasting options in the cafes and patisseries of Turin and the surrounding area. The pass can be purchased at the Turin tourist information office.
External reviews: Washington Post


Museo del Cioccolato Antica Norba

Location: Norma
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: Learn about cocoa plantations, see chocolate packaging and advertising from the early 20th century, view an old chocolate factory refurbished with original equipment, and taste molten chocolate from the chocolate fountain. Visits must be booked in advance.
Note: The website is only available in Italian

"Chocolate World" School of Chocolate Package

Location: Hotel Corona d'Oro, Bologna
Type of experience: chocolate tasting and hotel stay
Details: An evening chocolate-tasting session led by two experienced chocolatiers, and including a dozen different types of chocolate, combined with an overnight stay at the hotel in bed and breakfast accommodation.


Cooking Vacations

Type of experience: chocolate sightseeing and cooking tours
Details: Cooking Vacations offers a range of chocolate-themed sightseeing and cooking tours, combining the opportunity to learn the art of chocolate-making with chocolate tastings and sightseeing visits. Tours are centered around Positano, Ravello, or Perugia.

Crazy for Cacao

Type of experience: chocolate sightseeing tours
Details: Unescorted 4 day/night tour with a chocolate theme. The multi-day tour is centered around Florence, and includes various pre-arranged activities, such as visits to Pisa and Lucca, and 6 chocolate-related activities including chocolate-making workshops and a behind-the-scenes look at the production of fine Italian chocolates.


Type of experience: chocolate sightseeing tours
Details: ChocoTravels arranges a variety of group multi-day chocolate-themed sightseeing tours to destinations in Italy and beyond. Their Italian destinations include Tuscany and Sicily.
Note: Most of the website is in Italian, though there are a few pages in English if you click around.