Chocolate Tourism in France


Chocolate Class with a Chef

Type of experience: specialist cooking class
Details: A private (1 or 2 person) 3 hour or full-day class, led by an experienced chef, taking in the making of truffles, caramels and various types of chocolate. This class is available by advance request.

Chocolate Walk

Type of experience: walking tour
Details: Weekly small group (6 persons max) three hour walking tour, taking in the chocolate shops and bakeries of the upscale Left Bank, guided either by a food writer or a chef. Private tours can be arranged.

The Chocolate Walk

Type of experience: walking tour
Details: English-language day tours, offered several times a month. Tours include visits to a variety of chocolatiers, and mix anecdotes with chocolate tastings. Private chocolate tours can also be scheduled at additional cost.

Pastry and Chocolate Tour

Type of experience: walking tour
Details: English-language 3 hour walking tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, taking in top chocolatiers and bakeries in the Saint-Germain-des-Près district.
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Chocolaterie de Beussent Lachelle

Location: Beussent, in the Vallée de la Course area
Type of experience: chocolate factory visit
Details: Guided visit lasting approximately 45 minutes, covering different chocolate making techniques, as well as providing a history of chocolate cultivation and production. Tours end with a tasting opportunity and the chance to buy chocolates direct from the factory outlet. Group tours can be accommodated year-round by prior request; individuals may visit during the school holidays.
NOTE: The website is only in French
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Chocolaterie du Drakkar et Musée du Chocolat

Location: Near Bayeux, in Normandy
Address: ZA Bayeux Intercom, 14400 Nonant, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: A history of chocolate down the centuries, presented in a dedicated 350m2 visitor's centre. Visitors also can watch the making of "drakkars" chocolates through the windows of the chocolate laboratory, view historic chocolate artefacts from around the world, and participate in a tasting session. Reservations recommended.

Chocolatrium Michel Cluizel

Location: Normandy
Address: Avenue de Conches, 27240 Damville, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Background: Michel Cluizel has been processing cocoa beans into chocolate since 1948, and now employs 200 people in his Normandy workshops. Details: Museum covering over 500m2, encompassing a gallery covering the history of chocolate, a film introducing the production of chocolate, a discovery workshop in which chocolatiers prepare chocolates according to traditional methods, and an old-style workshop.

Ecole des Trois Ponts

Location: Riorges
Type of experience: chocolate and French courses
Details: The school offers a week-long course combining 5 mornings of French language group classes and 4 afternoons of chocolate making classes, including the preparation of a range of chocolate desserts.

L'Atelier Du Chocolat Bayonne

Address: Z.A. Ste Croix, 7 Allée de Gibéléou, 64100 Bayonne, France
Type of experience: chocolate workshop visit
Details: You can view a complete range of machines used for the production of chocolate at the beginning of the last century, and learn about the origins of chocolate. Morning visitors will also be able to view the confectioners at work through the windows of the production room. The trip ends with a specialty chocolate tasting.
NOTE: The main website is in French, but the brochure has a brief English section

Le Musée du Chocolat Bovetti

Address: Z.A.E.S. du Moulin Rouge, 24120 Terrasson la Villedieu, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: History of cocoa from Mayan times through to the great courts of Europe. Film explaining the workings of a cocoa plantation. Cocoa greenhouse. Production workshop with an explanation of the production process and machinery. Moulding workshop for children, where kids can make their own chocolate souvenirs. Tasting sessions. Open to the public and to tour groups.
NOTE: The "English" link on the website unfortunately reloads the same French information!

Le Musée du Chocolat Des Lis Chocolat

Address: Zi Du Rocher Vert, 6 Rue Louis Blériot, 77140 Nemours, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: A film, commented presentation about chocolate, chocolate-making demonstration, chocolate tasting, and the chance to buy chocolates at preferrential rates. Unique collection of chocolate pots and historic chocolate moulds. All visits by prior appointment; individuals (Saturday afternoons at 3pm and 4pm) and groups (15 people minimum).
NOTE: The website is only in French

Le Musée Du Chocolat Hautot

Address: 851 Route De Valmont, 76400 Fécamp, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: Various exhibits tracing the history and production of chocolate. Viewing windows overlooking the chocolate factory. English translation available. The museum is open for individual and group visits (groups need to book in advance).
NOTE: The website is only in French

Le Paradis Du Chocolat

Location: La Côte-Saint-André
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: Learn about the history, the geography and the cultivation of chocolate, and perhaps take a taste as well. Guided visits with commentary are also available on certain days (see website for details)
NOTE: The website is only in French

Les Secrets du Chocolat

Location: Near Strasbourg
Address: Parc de la Porte Sud, Rue du Pont du Péage, 67118 Geispolsheim, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: Interactive exhibits in English, German and French. The museum is divided into 3 areas. The first traces the story of cocoa through the ages, the second explains the transformation from cocoa bean into finished chocolate, and the third explores the history of the Marquise de Sévigné brand. Other attractions include a laboratory offering demonstrations of chocolate-making, a tea room, a restaurant and a gift shop.

Musée du Bonbon Haribo

Address: Pont des Charrettes, 30700 Uzès, France
Type of experience: confectionery museum
Details: While admittedly not strictly about chocolate, the Haribo sweet museum covers the fabrication of various Haribo-brand sweets and the history of candy manufacturing. Interactive exhibits and games are also available, and of course there's a chance to sample the sweets themselves. The museum is open to individuals and groups; the latter are requested to reserve in advance.
NOTE: The website is only in French

Planète Musée Du Chocolat

Location: Biarritz
Address: 14 Avenue Beaurivage, 64200 Biarritz, France
Type of experience: chocolate museum
Details: Information about the history of chocolate, historic chocolate-making tools and porcelain services, a chocolate sculpture gallery, a display of nostalgic chocolate ads and a hot chocolate tasting.


David Lebovitz

Details: David Lebovitz, a celebrated pastry chef and culinary writer living in Paris, organises infrequent multi-day chocolate-themed tours. See the website for updated tour listings.